Dave 'Slinky McVelvet' Gilchrist


We are sure that he is the reason that a lot of our following are female as he is our resident heart-throb! Dave began playing guitar in 1987 and was erm 'not very good' before picking up a bass in 1988. 

He is completely self-taught and has played in a number of bands both performing originals and covers from genres such as:

Indie, Heavy Rock, Thrash Metal, Pop, Rock, Punk, Funk.

He has even been known to play blues albeit under duress. 

Dave has supported a number of very well-known bands in his time.

Bands such as:


Alabama 3

Primal Scream


Steve Craddock

Dave is now a well-loved and respected musician through the local Milton Keynes area and it is hard to find a girl who doesn't have a huge soft spot for him! 


Red Hot Chilli Peppers


Foo Fighters


Lana Del Rey

Stevie Wonder


The Indoor Garden Party



James Jameson

Nathan Watts

Steve Harris

Stuart Zender

Musical Hero:

Steve Harris

Favourite Song:

Radar Love - Our Version! 

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